"we were going to conquer the world,
but got distracted by something sparkly..."
2146 Main St., Springfield OR
2146 Main St., Springfield, OR • 541-868-0052
The Bead Addiction is closing their door.
We are sad to say that we have to close. With the way the economy has been and the cost of maintaining a retail space, we can longer keep the doors open. We want to thank all the great people who have shopped here and become our friends.
We will miss you! We will continue with the color combination on Facebook
only because we think we would get hanged if I don't :0)

Bobbie is planning on retiring and Dee is going to continue teaching classes
and anything else to keep her busy.
Plus we are working on a online site for buying supplies
& bead pattern kits (Keep you posted).

Starting Tuesday, May 21st!
is 50% off
the marked prices
until it is gone.
Excludes Furniture,
Fixtures & Displays.